Inspirational and unique gifts!

In these days of technology we have the chance to create inspirational and unique gifts like never before.

Take all the old photos sitting in your shoe box plus the newer photos from your phones and digital cameras and tell a story with the least fuss and the most creativity. When you ask, "Can you do...?" Our response is most often, "Yes."

So, whether it is for yourself, your significant other or a cherished friend a DVD presentation from Memory Lane of life's milestones is always treasured.

Prices beginning at $250.00

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Gifts are always difficult to decide upon. What do you get dad this year? Another tie? Don't you think he would like to see his family photos set to the music of your choice?

Or even better - create something for yourself and then show it off to the family!


"The process was incredibly easy!"

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I asked Linda to create a video for my marriage celebration. I live 2000 miles away and wondered how it would work to have someone so far away create something like this for me. The process was incredibly easy! When that first draft came I was amazed! And in tears.

~ Julie T. ~ Mosinee,WI