As a small business owner in Missoula, I needed a web site that would reach out to a very specific clientele, and Digital Magic Video produced exactly what I was looking for. Linda patiently walked me through the process and spent several hours discussing design options, content, images and marketing strategies. She didn’t seem to mind that I changed my mind several times or that I did not have all my content prepared before asking her to build the site.  And the price turned out to be more reasonable than any of the other web designers I had spoken with. I really appreciated being to able to keep my money in the local economy, and working with someone who was familiar with the needs of Missoula business owners. I love my new web site and have received many compliments on it. In fact, I have already hired her to design my new brochures, which I am sure will make me just as happy as the web site. I would recommend Digital Magic Video to anyone!

Darla Torrez, LM CPM ~ Tierra Madre Midwifery www.tierramadremidwifery.com

I asked Linda to create a video for my marriage celebration. I wanted it to include "our song" and pictures from our last two years together. I was a little apprehensive about the process. I live 2000 miles away and wondered how it would work to have someone so far away create something like this for me. The process was incredibly easy! I sent the song to Linda and emailed lots of pictures to choose from. Then Linda and I had a phone conversation where she asked me what I had in mind for the finished product. As she worked she sent me 2 drafts to review and gave me an opportunity to give her feedback. When that first draft came I was amazed! And in tears. Linda took a song and a few pictures and created something beautiful and with each draft it only got better. I wanted the video as a surprise and gift for my partner. It was so fun to play the video at our celebration. It brought tears to many eyes, including my husband's. And it's still bringing joy today. Every once in a while my husband and I will pull out the DVD and watch it together. We still love it!

Julie T. ~ Wisconsin