What Digital Magic does...

Digital Magic Video helps you tell your story.

Everyone has a story to tell, whether it is a 30 second commercial to sell your business' products, a 7 minute video to send to prospective clients or donors, a video presentation for a conference or a pictorial montage for or about a loved one, we have the skills, equipment and knowledge to help you tell YOUR story.

We offer our production services at a reasonable rate and can work with you on your marketing strategies. We understand that your company's identity is not limited to your commercials or promotional pieces and we can help integrate everything to form the most seamless look for you. Don't let our name fool you - we produce digital magic in all areas of your presentation.

DMV produces :30 & :60 commercials, fund-raising promotional pieces (long or short format), corporate, training & informational videos. We have produced pictorial montages for anniversaries and presentations and will help you no matter what your need.

Digital Magic Video is not limited to video production. We design web sites, brochures and newsletters and can help with your presence in the new Web 2.0 world.

We also offer discounts to non-profits in their quest for a professional presentation on a limited budget.